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Princess Rosie is a survivor of stage four Neuroblastoma. Her cancer treatment journey started in October 2017 when she was four years old. Between then and August 2020, she had two tumor removal surgeries, five rounds of chemotherapy, 12 radiation treatments, two stem cell transplants, countless blood and platelet transfusions, six rounds of immunotherapy and a year long cancer vaccine trial. God definitely granted her strength through it all which earned her the nickname, Princess Rosie, from her dad. Now at the age of eight, she shows no evidence of disease(thank you JESUS!) and currently enjoying gymnastics, swim lessons, and summer vacation. Hunter Rose did sustained hight pitch hearing loss from the high doses of chemo, but she doesn't let it slow her down at all. She's a fun loving typical little eight year old girl who loves playing with dolls, friends, and makeup.  

During treatment Princess Rosie watched A LOT of Youtube channels to help keep her entertained and encouraged. And now that she is all finished with treatment, Princess Rosie has launched her very own channel with the hopes of entertaining and encouraging others who are facing challenges.  

Rosie's mission is simple: to entertain, inspire, and educate kids and families all while raising awareness for childhood cancer. She's having a blast and it shows!

Jay & Kara thank God every day for saving their Princess Rosie!

You can follow Princes Rosie's Kingdom at the following links:







Hunter Rose is having the time of her life, and she deserves it!

Thursday, June 17, 2021
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An inspirational Short Documentary Film